Talk to an Experienced Personal Injury or Family Law Attorney in Sedona, AZ

Most people don’t expect legal concerns to impact them directly. In fact, hiring a lawyer may be the furthest thing from a typical Sedona resident’s mind.

However, it only takes one wrong turn before you suddenly need a Sedona, AZ criminal defense attorney on your side, or a personal injury lawyer to deal with your insurance company.

No matter your legal issue, The Kaiser Law Group is your advocate. We combine compassion for you with assertive investigatory and negotiation skills on your behalf.

Find Reliable Help for Any Legal Issue

Through our offices in nearby Flagstaff, we actively work on behalf of clients throughout Northern Arizona, including Sedona. Contact us about any of the following legal issues:

  • Criminal defense cases – Whether you’ve been charged with a DUI or a felony, our attorneys can advise you at every stage. We’ll also represent you if you’re charged with drug possession or related crimes.
  • Personal injury cases – If you receive the runaround from your insurance agency after a serious accident, let our experienced injury lawyers take over while you recover your health.
  • Family law cases – When family issues arise, our family law and divorce attorneys will represent you—even in complicated cases.

Don’t face legal difficulties alone. Call The Kaiser Law Group at 928.773.7773 for your initial consultation. And remember—help is on its way.

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