Our Attorneys in Flagstaff, AZ Specialize in Four Crucial Areas of Defense

At The Kaiser Law Group, we have former prosecutors and private investigators with plenty of trial experience on staff. With almost 80 years of legal experience between each of our attorneys in Flagstaff AZ, we know how to investigate, develop, and present your claims or defense persuasively.

We understand the importance of keeping you fully informed at every stage of your case. Our approach to your case will be strategic in nature, which means you need to be involved at every point of the process. Your participation, combined with our experience and expertise, will provide you with the greatest advantage possible in a court of law.

Kaiser Law Group

We Represent Clients in the Following Practice Areas:

  • Drug Crime Defense
    Our drug possession defense attorneys in Flagstaff, AZ can represent you on any controlled substance charge, including conspiracy, distribution offenses, as well as transportation offenses.
  • Criminal and DUI Defense
    We can also represent you on drunk driving charges, as well as any other state or federal felony or misdemeanor charge, such as sex offenses, domestic assault cases, financial fraud, and other white collar crimes.
  • Divorce and Family Law
    Our divorce attorneys can represent you in uncontested divorces or difficult cases involving complex marital assets, community property valuation, and characterization problems. We also handle paternity suits, temporary guardianships, and grandparents’ rights cases.
  • Personal Injury or Wrongful Death
    We represent Northern Arizona car accident victims, persons injured by defective or dangerous products, and other victims of negligence or intentional wrong-doing.

Contact The Kaiser Law Group for a free consultation in Flagstaff today, and make sure you get the representation you need to win your case. Our number (928) 773-7773. Don’t wait to take control of your case and have the favorable outcome you desire.

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